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RPM Overview

RPM International Inc. is a multinational holding company with subsidiaries that manufacture and market high-performance coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals, primarily for maintenance and improvement. Fiscal 2013 sales were $4.1 billion, with 65 percent to industry worldwide and the remaining 35 percent to consumers mainly in North America.

Shares of the company's common stock are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RPM and are owned by some 300 institutional investors and 101,000 individuals.

RPM employs more than 10,500 people worldwide and operates 93 manufacturing facilities in 23 countries. Its products are sold in approximately 150 countries and territories.

RPM's Industrial Products

RPM's industrial customers are served by products sold in approximately 150 countries and territories. They include:

RPM's Consumer Products

RPM's consumer products are sold primarily in North America and the United Kingdom, with an increasing presence on the European continent. They include:

RPM and the Value of 168

Our founder, Frank C. Sullivan (right), displayed this figure on his car license plate. It was his favorite number because it represents the total hours in a week; thus, it served as a reminder that each of us has a limited amount of time, and a duty to use this gift wisely and productively.

At RPM, the value of 168 comes to life through motivated employees who enjoy their work and create the conditions that allow our customers to grow and our stockholders to prosper.

It is a unique form of corporate governance, guiding our relationships with one another and our customers, and demanding integrity in the operation of our businesses and the reporting of our results. In short, it is a vital aspect of our heritage.

Frank C. Sullivan Photo

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