SEC Document


Our business and financial condition could be adversely affected if we are unable to protect our material trademarks and other proprietary information or there is a loss in the actual or perceived value of our brands.

We have numerous valuable patents, trade secrets and know-how, domain names, trademarks and trade names, including certain marks that are significant to our business, which are identified under Item 1 of this Annual Report on Form 10-K. Despite our efforts to protect our trademarks and other proprietary rights from unauthorized use or disclosure, other parties may attempt to disclose, obtain or use our proprietary information or marks without our authorization. Unauthorized use of our trademarks, or disclosure, as the case may be, could negatively impact our business and financial condition.

Similarly, the reputations of our branded products depend on numerous factors, including the successful advertising and marketing of our brand names, consumer acceptance, continued trademark validity, the availability of similar products from our competitors, and our ability to maintain our products’ quality and technological advantages and claims of superior performance. A loss of a brand or in the actual or perceived value of our brands could limit or reduce the demand for our products, and could negatively impact our business and financial condition.

The chemical and construction products industries in which we operate expose us to inherent risks of legal and warranty claims and other litigation-related costs, which could adversely impact our business.

As a participant in the chemical and construction products industries, we face an inherent risk of legal claims in the event that the exposure to or failure, use or misuse of our products results, or is alleged to result, in bodily injury and/or property damage. In the course of our business we are subject to a variety of inquiries and investigations by regulators, as well as claims and lawsuits by private parties including those related to product liability, asbestos, product warranty, environmental, contracts, intellectual property and commercial matters, which due to their uncertain nature may result in losses, some of which may be material.  We offer warranties on many of our products, as well as long term warranty programs at certain of our businesses and, as a result, from time to time we may experience higher levels of warranty expense, which is typically reflected in selling, general and administrative expenses. The nature and extent to which we use hazardous or flammable materials in our manufacturing processes creates risk of damage to persons and property that, if realized, could be material.

Compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations could subject us to unforeseen future expenditures or liabilities, which could have a material adverse effect on our business.

We are subject to numerous, complicated and often increasingly stringent environmental, health and safety laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we conduct business. Governmental and regulatory authorities impose various laws and regulations on us that relate to environmental protection, the use, sale and export of certain chemicals or hazardous materials, and various health and safety matters, including the discharge of pollutants into the air and water, the handling, use, treatment, storage and clean-up of solid and hazardous wastes, the use of certain chemicals in product formulations, and the investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater affected by hazardous substances. These laws and regulations include the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, and various other federal, state, provincial, local and international statutes. These laws and regulations often impose strict, retroactive and joint and several liability for the costs of, and damages resulting from, cleaning up our or our predecessors’ past or present facilities and third party disposal sites. We could be subject to future liability as yet unknown and we are currently undertaking remedial activities at a number of properties.

We have not always been and may not always be in full compliance with all environmental, health and safety laws and regulations in every jurisdiction in which we conduct our business. In addition, if we violate or fail to comply with environmental, health and safety laws (including related to permitting), we could be fined or otherwise sanctioned by regulators, including enjoining or curtailing operations, remedial or corrective measures, installations of pollution control equipment, or other actions. We also could be liable for consequences arising out of human exposure to hazardous substances relating to our products or operations. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that we will not be required to make additional expenditures to remain in or to achieve compliance with environmental, health or safety laws in the future or that any such additional expenditures will not have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations or cash flows. If regulatory permits or registrations are delayed, restricted, or rejected, subsequent operations at our businesses could be delayed or restricted, which could have an adverse effect on our results of operations.



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