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members.  Key attributes that differentiate competitors in these markets include product quality, depth of product line, and design-and-fabrication services. Our products for these applications are sold under our Fibergrate, Chemgrate, Corgrate, Fibregrid, Safe-T-Span, EnviroKerb, EnviroChannel, EnviroDeck and EnviroGrate brand names.

Sealants, Waterproofing, Concrete and Masonry Products.  Sealants, which are used primarily for commercial buildings, include urethane, silicone, latex, butyl and hybrid technology products, and are designed to be installed in construction joints for the purpose of providing a flexible and air and water-tight seal. Waterproof coatings, usually urethane or asphalt based, are installed in exposed and buried applications to waterproof and protect concrete. Structural and traffic bearing membranes are used in a variety of applications for bridge deck construction and restoration and the protection and preservation of balconies, pedestrian walkways and parking structures.  In the concrete and masonry additives market, a variety of chemicals and fibers can be added to concrete and masonry to improve the processability, performance, or appearance of these products. Chemical admixtures for concrete are typically grouped according to their functional characteristics, such as water-reducers, set controllers, superplasticizers and air-entraining agents. Curing and sealing compounds, structural grouts, epoxy adhesives, injection resins, floor hardeners and toppings, joint fillers, industrial and architectural coatings, decorative color/stains/stamps, and a comprehensive selection of restoration materials are used to protect, repair or improve new or existing concrete structures used in the construction industry, and rehabilitation and repair of roads, highways, bridges and other infrastructure. The key attributes that differentiate competitors for these applications include quality assurance, on-the-job consultation and value-added, highly engineered products. We primarily offer products marketed under our Tremco, EUCO, Toxement, Viapol, Betumat, CAVE, Vandex, illbruck, Tamms, AlphaGuard, OneSeal, PowerPly, TremPly, TremLock, Vulkem, TREMproof, Dymonic, Increte, TUFF-N-DRI, Universal Sealants, Nufins, StructureCare, BridgeCare, Pitchmastic, Visul, Fibrecrete, Texacrete, Fibrejoint, Samiscreed, Prime Rez, Prime Gel, Prime Guard, Prime Coat, Prime Bond, Prime Flex, Watchdog Waterproofing, PSI, Tuf-Strand and Enviro-Dri brand names for this line of business.

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property portfolios include valuable patents, trade secrets and know-how, domain names, trademarks, trade and brand names. In addition, through our subsidiaries, we continue to conduct significant research and technology development activities. Among our most significant intangibles are our Rust-Oleum®, Carboline®, DAP®, illbruck® and Tremco® trademarks.

Rust-Oleum Corporation and some of our other subsidiaries own more than 1,000 trademark registrations or applications in the United States and numerous other countries for the trademark “Rust-Oleum®” and other trademarks covering a variety of rust-preventative, decorative, general purpose, specialty, industrial and professional products sold by Rust-Oleum Corporation and related companies.

Carboline Company and some of our other subsidiaries own more than 370 other trademark registrations or applications in the United States and numerous other countries covering the products sold by the Carboline Company and related companies, including two United States trademark registrations for the trademark “Carboline®”.

DAP Products, Inc. and other subsidiaries of the Company own more than 450 trademark registrations or applications in the United States and numerous other countries for the “DAP®” trademark, the “Putty Knife design” trademark and other trademarks covering products sold under the DAP brand and related brands.

Tremco Incorporated and some of our other subsidiaries own more than 85 registrations for the trademark “Tremco®” in the United States and numerous countries covering a variety of roofing, sealants and coating products. There are also many other trademarks of Tremco Incorporated and some of our other subsidiaries that are the subject of registrations or applications in the United States and numerous other countries, bringing the total number of registrations and applications covering products sold under the Tremco brand and related brands to more than 540.

Our other principal product trademarks include: 2X Ultra Cover®, AlphaGuard®, Alumanation®, Betumat™, B-I-N®, Bitumastic®, Bulls Eye 1-2-3®, Chemgrate®, Dri-Eaz, Dymonic®, EnerEDGE®, Enviro-Dri®, EUCO®, ExoAir®, Expanko®, Flecto™, Fibergrate®, Floquil®, Fritztile®, Paraseal®, Permaroof®, Plasite®, Proglaze®, Sanitile®, Solargard®, Spectrem®, Stonblend®, Stonclad®, Stonhard®, Stonlux®, Stonshield®, Testors®, TREMproof®, TUFF-N-DRI®, Varathane®, Viapol™, Vulkem®, Watchdog Waterproofing®, Woolsey®, Zinsser® and Z-Spar®; and, in Europe, API™, Perlifoc®, Hummervoll®, USL®, Nufins®, Pitchmastic®, Visul®, Flowcrete™, Nullifire, Radglo and Martin Mathys™. Our trademark registrations are valid for a variety of different terms of up to 20 years, and may be renewable as long as the trademarks continue to be used and all other local conditions for renewal are met.  Our trademark registrations are maintained and renewed on a regular basis as required.



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