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The Related Person Transaction Policy of the Board of Directors ensures that the Company’s transactions with certain persons are not inconsistent with the best interests of the Company. A “Related Person Transaction” is a transaction with the Company in an amount exceeding $120,000 in which a Related Person has a direct or indirect material interest. A Related Person includes the executive officers, Directors, and 5% stockholders of the Company, and any immediate family member of such a person. Under the Related Person Transaction Policy, Company management screens for any potential Related Person Transactions, primarily through the annual circulation of a Directors and Officers Questionnaire to each member of the Board of Directors and each officer of the Company that is a reporting person under Section 16 of the Exchange Act. If Company management identifies a Related Person Transaction, such transaction is brought to the attention of the Audit Committee for its approval, ratification, revision, or rejection in consideration of all of the relevant facts and circumstances.

Thomas C. Sullivan, Jr., the brother of Frank C. Sullivan, is Vice President – Corporate Development for the Company and earned $475,000 in salary and annual bonus in fiscal 2017. His compensation is commensurate with his peers. He has also received equity awards in the past. Thomas C. Sullivan, Jr., has been employed by the Company or its subsidiaries for more than 31 years, including at Republic Powdered Metals, Inc. from 1987 to 1993, Consolidated Coatings Corporation from 1993 to 1995, ESPAN Corporation PTE LTD. and RPM Asia PTE LTD. from 1995 to 1998, Tremco Incorporated from 1998 to 2002, and the Company’s corporate offices since 2002.

Terry Tabler, the brother-in-law of Ronald A. Rice, is Vice President – Customer Care of Sapphire Scientific Inc., an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, and earned $180,000 in salary and annual bonus for fiscal 2017. His compensation is commensurate with his peers. He is also eligible to receive equity awards. Mr. Tabler has been employed by affiliates of the Company since March 2009.




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