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Please make sure to vote your proxy!


Please note that if you do not vote your shares, your broker will not be able to vote your shares for you and your shares will not be represented at the meeting. New York Stock Exchange Rule 452 eliminates broker discretionary voting on the election of directors.
Please note that state laws require shares of corporate stock or outstanding funds held in an account to be considered abandoned property if no written or electronic communication regarding the account has been made within the statutory timeframe (typically three to five years). If you do not vote your proxy, we suggest that you otherwise contact your broker at least once every year and request that your broker note in its records that you have made direct contact regarding your account. If no such contact is made within the statutory timeframe, you risk having the property in your account turned over to your state. If your account is turned over to your state, you must work directly with your state to reclaim your property.
Please sign, date and mail the enclosed voting form to give your broker specific instructions on how to vote your shares. Depending upon your broker, you may be able to vote electronically, either by toll-free telephone or by the Internet. Please refer to the enclosed voting form for instructions on how to vote electronically.

Regardless of how many shares you own, your vote is very important!

Thank you – The RPM Board of Directors

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