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    Hedging Transactions Prohibited – the Company’s insider trading policy prohibits short sales and hedging transactions of shares of the Company’s Common Stock by Directors, officers and employees.


    Pledging Prohibited – the Company’s insider trading policy was amended in fiscal 2017 to provide that, effective as of June 1, 2017, pledging of shares of the Company’s Common Stock by Directors, officers and employees is prohibited, subject to limited exceptions.


    Performance-Based Compensation – the Company relies heavily on performance-based compensation for executive officers, including awards of performance-based restricted stock.


    Double-Trigger Vesting Provisions – the Company’s 2014 Omnibus Equity and Incentive Plan (2014 Omnibus Plan) provides double-trigger vesting provisions for long-term equity awards.


    Clawback Policy – the Board of Directors may require reimbursement of certain bonuses or incentive compensation awarded to an executive officer if, as the result of that executive officer’s misconduct, the Company is required to restate all or a portion of its financial statements.


    Chief Executive Officer Succession Planning – the Company’s succession plan, which the Board of Directors reviews annually, addresses both an unexpected loss of the Chief Executive Officer as well as longer-term succession.


    The Values & Expectations of 168 – the Company’s code of business conduct and ethics, entitled “The Values & Expectations of 168,” emphasizes individual responsibility and accountability, encourages reporting and dialogue about ethics concerns, and focuses on the Company’s core principles of integrity, commitment, responsible entrepreneurship and moral courage.


    Statement of Governance Policy – the Board of Directors adopted our Statement of Governance Policy in 2016, which recognizes that conducting our business in conformity with The Values & Expectations of 168 is essential to advancing our fundamental objective of building long-term stockholder value.

See also “Information Regarding Meetings and Committees of the Board of Directors” at page 17 for further information on the Company’s governance practices. Additional information about our majority voting policy appears under the caption “Voting Rights” on page 7.




RPM International’s fundamental objective is to build long-term stockholder value by profitably growing our businesses and consistently delivering strong financial performance. We think that our ability to generate value for our stockholders is inextricably linked to our ability to provide value to our principal stakeholders, including our customers and associates.


    We must continue to earn the ongoing commitment and trust of our stockholders by delivering the solid returns expected by them from an investment in RPM.  


    We must continue to offer our customers innovative, high-quality products and services at competitive prices.  


    We must attract and retain high-quality associates at every level of our organization, provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs, and compensate them in such a way as to closely align their interests with our long-term success.  


    We must conduct our business in conformity with The Values & Expectations of 168, which encompass complying with all legal and ethical standards, and working to be exemplary corporate citizens of the communities in which we work.  

We do not focus narrowly on efforts to maximize the short-term price of our stock, and think that such an approach is fundamentally misguided. Instead, we believe that emphasizing consistent value creation in our businesses will maximize the long-term value of our stockholders’ investment.

In short, we manage our businesses to create wealth for our stockholders. Creating value for our other stakeholders is how we have achieved, and will continue to achieve, that objective.



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