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DAP Group:


    a complete line of caulks, sealants, adhesives, insulating foam, spackling, glazing, and other general patch and repair products for home improvement and construction marketed through a wide assortment of DAP branded products, including ‘33’, ‘53’, ‘1012’, 4000, 7000, Alex, Alex Fast Dry, Alex Plus, Alex Ultra, Alex Flex, Beats The Nail, Blend-Stick, Blockade, Butyl-Flex, Caulk-Be-Gone, Crack Shot, Custom-Patch, DAP 3.0, DAP CAP, DAPtex, DryDex, Dynaflex 230, Dynagrip, Elastopatch, Fast ‘N Final, FastPatch, Kwik Foam, Kwik Seal, Kwik Seal Plus, Kwik Seal Ultra, Mono, Patch Stick, Patch-N-Paint, Plastic Wood, Presto Patch, Quick Plug, Rapid Fuse, Rely-On, Seal ‘N Peel, SIDE Winder, Silicone Plus, Simple Seal, SMARTBOND, StrongStik, Touch’N Foam, Touch’N Seal, Weldwood and Phenoseal, which is a brand of Gloucester Company Inc., which is a subsidiary of DAP Products Inc.

SPG-Consumer Group:


    nail enamel, polish and coating components for the personal care industry.



Our principal executive offices are located at 2628 Pearl Road, P.O. Box 777, Medina, Ohio 44258, and our telephone number is (330) 273-5090. We maintain a website at The information on our website is not part of this prospectus supplement or the accompanying prospectus.




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