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Consolidation, Merger or Sale of Assets

The Indenture generally permits a consolidation or merger between us and another company. It also permits the sale or transfer by us of all or substantially all of our property and assets and the purchase by us of all or substantially all of the property and assets of another company. These transactions are permitted if:


    the resulting or acquiring company (if other than us) is a U.S. corporation, partnership or trust which assumes, or has its parent company assume, all of our responsibilities and liabilities under the Indenture, including the payment of all amounts due on the Debt Securities and performance of the covenants in the Indenture; and


    immediately after the transaction, no Event of Default exists.

If we consolidate or merge with or into any other corporation or sell all or substantially all of our assets according to the terms and conditions of the Indenture, the resulting or acquiring corporation will be substituted for us in the Indenture with the same effect as if it had been an original party to the Indenture. As a result, the successor corporation may exercise our rights and powers under the Indenture, in our name or in its own name and we will be released from all our liabilities and obligations under the Indenture and under the Debt Securities (Sections 11.01(a) and (b)).

Satisfaction and Discharge; Defeasance and Covenant Defeasance

The following discussion of satisfaction and discharge, defeasance and covenant defeasance will be applicable to a series of Debt Securities only if we choose to have them apply to that series. If we do so choose, we will state that in the applicable prospectus supplement.

Satisfaction and Discharge. The Indenture will be satisfied and discharged if:


    we deliver to the Trustee all Debt Securities then outstanding for cancellation; or


    all Debt Securities not delivered to the Trustee for cancellation have become due and payable, are to become due and payable within one year upon their stated maturity or are to be called for redemption within one year and we deposit an amount sufficient to pay the principal, premium, if any, and interest to the date of maturity or redemption as applicable, or deposit (in the case of Debt Securities that have become due and payable), provided that in either case we have paid all other sums payable under the Indenture.

Defeasance and Covenant Defeasance. The Indenture provides, if such provision is made applicable to the Debt Securities of a series, that:


    we may elect either:


    to defease and be discharged from any and all obligations with respect to any Debt Security of such series (except for the obligations to register the transfer or exchange of such Debt Security, to replace temporary or mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen Debt Securities, to maintain an office or agency in respect of the Debt Securities and to hold moneys for payment in trust) (“defeasance”); or


    to be released from our obligations with respect to certain restrictive covenants that may be applicable for a particular series; and


    that the Events of Default described in the third, fourth (only with respect to those restrictive covenants that no longer apply), fifth and seventh bullets under “Events of Default,” shall not be Events of Default under the Indenture with respect to such series (“covenant defeasance”), upon the deposit with the Trustee (or other qualifying trustee), in trust for such purpose, of money and/or certain U.S. government obligations which through the payment of principal and interest in accordance with their terms will provide money, in an amount sufficient to pay the principal of (and premium, if any) and interest on such Debt Security, on the scheduled due dates.



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