SEC Document

bearing CUSIP No. 749685 AW3 in the aggregate principal amount of $300,000,000 registered in the name of Cede & Co., which such Global Security will be duly executed by the proper officers of the Company and delivered to the Trustee as provided in the Indenture, and to deliver said authenticated Global Security through the facilities of The Depository Trust Company to or upon the order of Wells Fargo Securities, LLC on December 20, 2017.

(d)    The undersigned have read the pertinent sections of the Indenture, including Sections 2.01, 2.02 and 2.04 thereof and the definitions in the Indenture relating thereto, and certain other corporate documents and records. In the opinion of the undersigned, the undersigned have made such examination or investigation as is necessary to enable the undersigned to express an informed opinion as to whether or not the conditions precedent to (i) the establishment of (a) a series of Securities and (b) the form of such Securities, and (ii) the authentication and delivery of such series of Securities, contained in the Indenture have been complied with. In the opinion of the undersigned, such conditions have been complied with.

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