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5.250% Notes due 2045 and 3.750% Notes due 2027

On March 2, 2017, we issued $50.0 million aggregate principal amount of 5.250% Notes due 2045 (the “2045 Notes”) and $400.0 million aggregate principal amount of 3.750% Notes due 2027 (the “2027 Notes”).  The 2045 Notes are a further issuance of the $250 million aggregate principal amount of 5.250% Notes due 2045 initially issued by us on May 29, 2015.  Interest on the 2045 Notes accrues from December 1, 2016 and is payable semiannually in arrears on June 1st and December 1st of each year, beginning June 1, 2017, at a rate of 5.250% per year. The 2045 Notes mature on June 1, 2045.  Interest on the 2027 Notes accrues from March 2, 2017 and is payable semiannually in arrears on March 15th and September 15th of each year, beginning September 15, 2017, at a rate of 3.750% per year. The 2027 Notes mature on March 15, 2027.  The indenture governing this indebtedness includes cross-acceleration provisions. Under certain circumstances, where an event of default under our other instruments results in acceleration of the indebtedness under such instruments, holders of the indebtedness under the indenture are entitled to declare amounts outstanding immediately due and payable.

Revolving Credit Agreement

During fiscal 2015, we entered into an $800.0 million unsecured syndicated revolving credit facility (the “Revolving Credit Facility”), which expires on December 5, 2019.  The Revolving Credit Facility includes sublimits for the issuance of swingline loans, which are comparatively short-term loans used for working capital purposes and letters of credit.  The aggregate maximum principal amount of the commitments under the Revolving Credit Facility may be expanded upon our request, subject to certain conditions, up to $1.0 billion.  The Revolving Credit Facility is available to refinance existing indebtedness, to finance working capital and capital expenditures, to satisfy all or a portion of our obligations relating to the plan of reorganization for our SPHC subsidiary, and for general corporate purposes.

The Revolving Credit Facility requires us to comply with various customary affirmative and negative covenants, including a leverage covenant and interest coverage ratio, which are calculated in accordance with the terms as defined by the credit agreement.  Under the terms of the leverage covenant, we may not permit our consolidated indebtedness as of any fiscal quarter end to exceed 65% of the sum of such indebtedness and our consolidated shareholders’ equity on such date.  The minimum required consolidated interest coverage ratio for EBITDA to interest expense is 3.50 to 1.  The interest coverage ratio is calculated at the end of each fiscal quarter for the four fiscal quarters then ended using an EBITDA as defined in the credit agreement.

As of November 30, 2017, we were in compliance with all financial covenants contained in our Revolving Credit Facility, including the leverage and interest coverage ratio covenants. At that date, our leverage ratio was 56.2%, while our interest coverage ratio was 8.4 to 1. Our available liquidity under our Revolving Credit Facility stood at $553.9 million at November 30, 2017.

Our access to funds under our Revolving Credit Facility is dependent on the ability of the financial institutions that are parties to the Revolving Credit Facility to meet their funding commitments. Those financial institutions may not be able to meet their funding commitments if they experience shortages of capital and liquidity or if they experience excessive volumes of borrowing requests within a short period of time. Moreover, the obligations of the financial institutions under our Revolving Credit Facility are several and not joint and, as a result, a funding default by one or more institutions does not need to be made up by the others.  

As previously reported, during fiscal 2015, a plan of reorganization was confirmed (the “Bankruptcy Plan”) and, effective as of December 23, 2014, Bondex, SPHC, Republic and NMBFiL emerged from bankruptcy.  Accordingly, trusts were established under Section 524(g) of the United States Bankruptcy Code (together, the “Trust”) and were funded with first installments.  Borrowings under our Revolving Credit Facility were used to fund the initial trust payment of $450 million, which is classified as long-term debt in our Consolidated Balance Sheets.  The Trust was funded with $450 million in cash and a promissory note, bearing no interest and maturing on or before December 23, 2018 (the “Bankruptcy Note”). There is one remaining trust payment due. The Bankruptcy Plan, and Bankruptcy Note, provide that on or before December 23, 2018, a final payment of $125 million in cash, RPM stock or a combination thereof will be deposited into the Trust. The net present value of the Bankruptcy Note, or $121.8 million, is classified as other long-term liabilities in our consolidated financial statements at November 30, 2017.  A portion of the payments due under the Bankruptcy Note is secured by a right to the equity of SPHC, Republic and Bondex.  

All past and future contributions to the Trust are deductible for U.S. income tax purposes.  

Accounts Receivable Securitization Program

On May 9, 2017, we entered into a new, three-year, $200.0 million accounts receivable securitization facility (the “AR Program”). The maximum availability under the AR Program is $200.0 million. Availability is further subject to changes in the credit ratings of our customers, customer concentration levels or certain characteristics of the accounts receivable being transferred and, therefore, at certain times, we may not be able to fully access the $200.0 million of funding available under the AR Program.


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