SEC Document

  l. take any action or make any public proposal or request with respect to: (i) controlling, changing or influencing the Board or management of the Company, including any plans or proposals relating to any change in the number or term of directors or the filling of any vacancies on the Board, (ii) any material change in the capitalization, stock repurchase programs and practices, capital allocation programs and practices or dividend policy of the Company, (iii) any other material change in the Company’s management, business, corporate or governance structure, (iv) any waiver, amendment or modification to the Certificate of Incorporation or the By-Laws, or to other actions by the Company that may facilitate or impede the acquisition of control of the Company by any Person, (v) causing a class of securities of the Company to be delisted from, or to cease to be authorized to be quoted on, any securities exchange or (vi) causing a class of equity securities of the Company to become eligible for termination of registration pursuant to Section 12(g)(4) of the Exchange Act;


  m. institute, solicit, knowingly assist or join any litigation, arbitration or other proceeding against or involving the Company or any of its current, former or future directors or officers (including derivative actions); provided, however, that for the avoidance of doubt the foregoing shall not prevent any Restricted Person from (i) bringing litigation to enforce the provisions of this Agreement instituted in accordance with and subject to this paragraph 12, (ii) making counterclaims with respect to any proceeding initiated by, or on behalf of, the Company against a Restricted Person, (iii) bringing bona fide commercial disputes that do not relate to the subject matter of this Agreement or (iv) exercising statutory appraisal rights; provided, further, that the foregoing shall also not prevent the Restricted Persons from responding to or complying with a validly issued legal process;


  n. make any public or private request or submit any proposal, directly or indirectly, to amend or waive the terms of this Agreement, in each case, which would reasonably be expected to require a public announcement of such request or proposal;


  o. publicly disclose or otherwise make any public statement or announcement of any intention, purpose, plan or arrangement inconsistent with any provision of this paragraph 12; or


  p. enter into any negotiations, discussions, agreements or understandings with any Third Party to take any action with respect to any of the foregoing, or advise, facilitate, knowingly assist, finance, knowingly encourage or seek to persuade any Third Party to take any action that the Investors are prohibited from taking pursuant to this paragraph 12;

provided that (i) the restrictions in this paragraph 12 shall not prevent the Investor or any of its Affiliates from making (1) any factual statement as required by applicable legal process, subpoena, or legal requirement from any governmental authority with competent jurisdiction over the party from whom information is sought (so long as such request did not arise as a result of discretionary acts by the



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