Talent Development
Talent Development

The entrepreneurial culture of RPM is one that emphasizes lifelong learning and personal growth. By developing and investing in our associates, we are investing in the long-term success of RPM.

We have developed corporate-wide initiatives aimed at cultivating our talent in order to build a robust pipeline of future leaders who will leave a lasting legacy for years to come.

RPM's Global Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD) Team is responsible for creating a leadership-led learning culture across all RPM operating companies to tap into their full potential.  The GOLD Team achieves this objective by establishing and evaluating leadership development programs, identifying pertinent industry trends and best practices, and serving as a liaison for their respective division or department within RPM.

In addition to our formal programs, we support additional training throughout the organization allowing and encouraging our associates to develop and expand their knowledge and expertise in their job, affording the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.


Rpm University

The RPM University (RPMU) program begins with a three-day intensive retreat that combines leadership development, health and wellness, and open-session panels with coursework facilitated by the Center for Creative Leadership and RPM’s senior executive team. Concepts such as the Value of 168 and Connections Creating Value are introduced and woven into the curriculum.

RPMU then continues with a full year of webinars, e-learning assignments, program coach interactions and group conference calls which culminates with a return one year later for two final days of in-person training.

Strategic Leader Staff Ride Program

The Strategic Leader Staff Ride program, facilitated by historians and leadership professionals from the U.S. Army War College (USAWC), is a three-day seminar focused on strategic leadership development. Over the years, the USAWC has produced many of the nation’s premier strategic thinkers, including General Dwight D. Eisenhower and General George S. Patton.

Better Conversations Everyday

The Better Conversations Everyday (BCE) leadership workshop applies a simple and practical approach to teaching a set of complex skills. We focus on 4 core behaviors applied to real workplace challenges to build trust, fuel collaboration, enable better business outcomes, and create immediate results. BCE was implemented February 2020. Since then this program has trained over 750 employees world-wide.

Rustoleum University

Rust-Oleum understands the value of continued education and offers three educational opportunity pathways. For example, ATLAS is a program featuring a wide variety of courses focused on professional skills.

Leaders Of The Future

The Leaders of the Future program is a two-day educational workshop where emerging leaders can develop valuable leadership skills that will prepare them for future opportunities within RPM. This program allows leaders to gain a broader understanding of RPM as a whole, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by its many complex operating companies. The program includes a year of follow-up activity that includes quarterly supervisor check-ins, program coach interactions and conference calls.

Center for Creative Leadership

RPM has partnered with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), which is a top ‑ranked, global provider of innovative leadership development solutions to leaders across six continents and 130 countries. It offers a variety of open-enrollment programs that are designed to transform leaders of all levels – from emerging leaders who are learning basic skills, to experienced leaders who manage large corporations.

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