Acquisitions are a key element of RPM’s overall growth strategy. The company actively pursues acquisitions of free-standing entrepreneurial companies and product lines that complement its portfolio of specialty coatings and sealants businesses. Over the last 30 years, RPM has completed more than 150 acquisitions, with 70 of these transactions being completed during the last decade.

RPM creates shareholder value by attracting successful entrepreneurial companies and applying a disciplined approach to investing in their continued growth.

Recent Acquisitions

During fiscal 2015 and the first quarter of fiscal 2016, RPM acquired six companies with combined annual sales of approximately $88 million. In keeping with RPM’s reputation as being “the best home for entrepreneurial companies” in the markets it serves, four of the six acquired businesses are being run by their original founders or their family members, while the other two were bolt-on product line acquisitions. They include:

Chemtron (July 1, 2015): Chemtron produces adhesives, caulks, glazing tapes, mastics, sealants and related compounds for the OEM and construction markets.

Firetherm Intumescent & Insulation Supplies Ltd. (April 13, 2015): Firetherm Intumescent & Insulation Supplies Ltd. is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of fire-stopping solutions for the construction industry.

Morrells Woodfinishes Ltd. (April 9, 2015): Morrells Woodfinishes Ltd. is the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of high performance wood coating systems, including proprietary wood stains, lacquers, colorants and adhesives for the furniture, cabinetry, and building construction and restoration sectors.

Spraymate Group (March 13, 2015): Spraymate Group is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of quick drying, eco-friendly spray paint for both decorative and industrial markets. Spraymate aerosol paint and associated products are renowned for having high coverage, rust inhibiting additives and hard wearing qualities.

Krud Kutter (July 3, 2014): Krud Kutter Inc. is a manufacturer of problem-solving cleaners and removers that are water-based, biodegradable, non-toxic and VOC compliant while offering superior performance characteristics.

Betumat (June 11, 2014): Betumat Quimica Ltda. is a waterproofing products manufacturer that offers asphaltic membranes, cementitious grouts and modified asphalt products to professional contractors and builders.

The Best Home for Entrepreneurial Companies

RPM’s acquisition philosophy, initiated by Thomas C. Sullivan, who ran RPM from 1971 until his retirement in 2002 and remains on the board as chairman emeritus, is to “Seek good companies. Create an atmosphere where the founders and managers stay with their companies. Then, get out of their way.”

This entrepreneurial culture has been a key attraction to business owners in the industry as demonstrated by the fact that today the majority of RPM’s operating companies are managed by their founders, second- or third-generation family members or the managers they trusted to lead their companies. For this reason, RPM is considered to be the “best home for entrepreneurial companies” in the industry.


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