Current Dividend

A Dividend Record Few Can Match

With a 42-year track record of continuously increasing cash dividend, RPM joins only 45 of more than 19,000 publicly traded U.S. companies (less than three tenths of one percent) that have paid a higher annual cash dividend for this period of time or longer, according to the Mergent Handbook of Dividend Achievers.

Dividend Growth Drives Total Return

In an era of extremely low interest rates on savings account and other interest-bearing investment options, RPM's dividend yield, coupled with the stock price appreciation possible in a growing business, make RPM attractive to both institutional and individual investors.

Since beginning its focus on an annually growing dividend in 1973, RPM has grown from $25 million in annual sales to more than $4 billion, while delivering $1.8 billion in after-tax capital to its shareholders through its cash dividend program.

RECORD DATE April 18, 2016
EX-DIVIDEND DATE April 14, 2016
PAYABLE DATE April 29, 2016
AMOUNT $0.275 per common share


Present Fiscal year Dividend      $1.10        = Present yield or  2.18%
      returned on purchase price
Present Price of Stock                 $50.51

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